Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 12

The pups are all quite big now, with all the boys in the high 700/low 800g and the girls not too far behind - Miss Yellow is the largest girl and Mr Green the largest boy.

All their eyes are starting to open which is very exciting - I can't wait for them to see their mommy, grandparents and the other dogs.

Talking of the other dogs, we've started to introduce the pups to them. It's quite funny watching their reaction - strangely Jess isn't interested which surprises me as I would have thought she would be quite maternal, Sally and Todd take it in their stride, Rio is a bit cautious but is coming round and Dylan and Copper are very wide eyed - probably thinking it's a snack! Just wait until they're running around, I think that's when it will become clear that they're actually dogs lol

Chase is going to come out for a proper walk (on lead) today with the others, which will be a bit more interesting than 'around the block'.

Worming commences soon, not something I'm looking forward to!

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