Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Our First Grade 6 Win and Puppies

I was so pleased with my little girl, Chase, at Dog Vegas this weekend, where she won a quite tricky grade 6 jumping class....our first grade 6 win yay

Our team, Three Plus One, also qualified for the Team Dash final, consisting of Darren and Copper, Laura Field and Sky, Elaine Sherwin and Finlay and me and Chase. 

It's starting out to be a great year :-)

The puppies are growing rapidly and Kruze is already almost as big as Darren's medium dog, Todd!  Kruze is really laid back and takes everything in.  Keeva is just a tad shorter than Kruze so hopefully I will get the leggy puppy I wanted.  She's very feisty and a bit of a diva at times!