Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Our First Grade 6 Win and Puppies

I was so pleased with my little girl, Chase, at Dog Vegas this weekend, where she won a quite tricky grade 6 jumping class....our first grade 6 win yay

Our team, Three Plus One, also qualified for the Team Dash final, consisting of Darren and Copper, Laura Field and Sky, Elaine Sherwin and Finlay and me and Chase. 

It's starting out to be a great year :-)

The puppies are growing rapidly and Kruze is already almost as big as Darren's medium dog, Todd!  Kruze is really laid back and takes everything in.  Keeva is just a tad shorter than Kruze so hopefully I will get the leggy puppy I wanted.  She's very feisty and a bit of a diva at times!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Agility Season Has Commenced

Sorry it's been so long since I updated my blog - where does the time go???

Obviously the puppies have all now flown the nest and are happily settled in their new homes and all their new families seem very happy with them....phew lol

Keeva and Kruze are like sponges, absorbing everything that's thrown their way.  They are proving to be like their mom, in that they are very easy to far!!  They've been to two weekend shows and have been brilliant.

Keeva is showing to be more dominant than Kruze, however, and is barking at other dogs and sometimes people whilst out on walks.  So this is something I'll be working on.  Yes, I want a crazy, feisty puppy, but I don't want an unsociable one!

The agility season so far has been fantastic, with Darren and I winning the TAG heat of the Laser Pairs and qualifying for the final.  Darren has also had another grade 6 win, this time in agility, leaving him just one more agility to go grade 7.  Chase and Rio have had numerous top 5 places already - Rio getting a 2nd and a 3rd in grade 6 agility classes.

At Vyne show on the recent bank holiday Monday, I decided to just relax with Chase rather than being all nervy and worked up on the start line....will she get her wait, will she get the contacts?  I decided what will be will be.  I know she gets them in training, so I decided that it was time I just chilled.  I wound her into a frenzy on the start line but when it came to waiting she did it with ease and then her contacts, especially her A-frame, were spot on.  She did have an issue with the see-saw in both agility classes (one she flew, the other she ran past) but I'm not worried about it.  So, from now on, this is how I'm going to run her and see where it takes us.

After all, agility is fun!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

4 Weeks 3 days

Updated pics below, but I don't think they do them justice.

It looks like Mr Red will have two blue eyes as I got red eye from the flash, so I had to use back light correction! He's already quite a stunning young man :-)

Mr Blue

Mr Green

Mr Purple

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Miss Lilac

Miss Orange

Miss Yellow

This weeks is great as they're starting to constructively play with their toys, dragging them around and really starting to play raggy.

We're still persevering with toilet training them but it's so difficult when Chase gets in and starts to clean them up, which she is obsessive about, and they start to toilet all over the place lol But, 99% of the time they don't go in their whelping box and probably 60% of the time they go in the designated toilet area, which is great for such a young age. We hope this will help the new owners house break them easier.

They are certainly a feisty bunch!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

4 Weeks Old

I can't believe the pups are 4 weeks old today!

We've had lots of visitors who totally adore them...of course lol and fingers crossed they all now have homes yay

I think it's all too easy to fall in love with a cute, cuddly puppy but for some that feeling is too much to ignore and they end up with a bundle of fur they hadn't previously considered - I know that's what happened to me with Chase and I have absolutely no regrets, in fact it was one of my better decisions.

I didn't mention in my previous post that worming is a seriously messy business! Some strange noises and shaking of heads came from the little guys lol

We're now moving quickly down the weaning road and all are eating nicely from their bowls. I'm now introducing slightly moistened kibble rather than liquidised and so far Miss Lilac, Miss Pink, Miss Yellow and Mr Purple have all started chewing. They're a clever bunch of puppies, so I've no doubt all the others will quickly learn.

Lots of interaction and play goes on now with each other, but blimey they're a rough bunch!

The girls went for a car ride to Aunty Laura's last week, which I can't say they were too impressed with. Darren had a major job trying to keep them all in their box - the box which only a few short weeks ago could hold 8 puppies and we could see the bottom, but now just 4 of them have totally outgrown it! They are growing so fast.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Chase and Reef's Three Generation Pedigree

2 Weeks 6 Days / 3 Weeks Old

Sorry it's been a while since my last update - these puppies keep you very busy!!

Well Mr Blue is 3 weeks old today (born 11.10pm) and the others will be 3 weeks old time flies!

We have now finished the Biosensor Program which went really well, so we hope we've given these babies a little help coping with the stresses life throws at them.

They are all now eating (messily) from a dish and I will soon move them to a Weanafeeda so I can see who is eating how much, but they do tend to wear more than the eat lol - it's very funny to watch.

Teeth are now through and sharp...poor Chase, and they can obviously now see and hear.

Lots of play fighting is taking place and we're introducing toys to encourage more interactive play.  It's great fun :-)

We've finally got round to taking some more up to date pics (after they'd eaten, so excuse any bits of food still attached to them!), which are below.

Mr Blue

Mr Green

Mr Purple

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Miss Lilac

Miss Orange

Miss Yellow

Miss Lilac and Mr Blue


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 12

The pups are all quite big now, with all the boys in the high 700/low 800g and the girls not too far behind - Miss Yellow is the largest girl and Mr Green the largest boy.

All their eyes are starting to open which is very exciting - I can't wait for them to see their mommy, grandparents and the other dogs.

Talking of the other dogs, we've started to introduce the pups to them. It's quite funny watching their reaction - strangely Jess isn't interested which surprises me as I would have thought she would be quite maternal, Sally and Todd take it in their stride, Rio is a bit cautious but is coming round and Dylan and Copper are very wide eyed - probably thinking it's a snack! Just wait until they're running around, I think that's when it will become clear that they're actually dogs lol

Chase is going to come out for a proper walk (on lead) today with the others, which will be a bit more interesting than 'around the block'.

Worming commences soon, not something I'm looking forward to!