Friday, 26 November 2010

Chase x Reef Third Generation Pedigree

Thank you Anadune:

Bottlesford Chequers at Dreamchart x Darleyfalls No Feer

Chase is Finally in Season

I'm so pleased my little girl timed her season so perfectly; coming in, we think, the day we flew back from Miami (Saturday 20th November) :-)

However, as we're not 100% sure, I took her for a pre-mate blood test on Monday, which (as expected) was negative and she went for another yesterday, which I'm waiting to hear from the vets on as I type.  I've also brought some Canine Ovulation Pads which are showing some small dark patches, which apparently indicates ovulation, so it will be interesting to hear what the blood test results come back as.

Dependent on the results, it's safe to say that Chase will be off to meet her new husband in the next few days.

It's an extremely exciting time, but also very nerve racking, given this will be my first attempt at breeding. Lauren has already been amazing and so supportive and I know she will be there to help me through any difficult patches.

I'm pretty sure the pups will be amazing though. Reef has recently sired pups with Popi, who, like Chase, is quite a petite bitch and they are just gorgeous.

If all goes as planned, I would expect pups to arrive the first week in Februaury 2011.  I obviously do have a waiting list but as we all know people drop off for various reasons, therefore if you would like to be added to the list, please contact me and we can chat further. I'm going to attempt to put a link up of the Pedigree.