Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 62


Chase's temperature remained in the low 37's yesterday and although she still ate her evening meal, she started to try to vomit soon after, not really bringing anything up. She was very panicky so lots of TLC was dished out.

I've been sat with her in her whelping room all night and lots of scratching of paper has occurred. Her eyes are very dilated and she's constantly panting. Temperature at 37.2.

I think we're now at the first stage of labor.


Very restless night. Refused breakfast. Temperature down to 37.1.

Day 61

Still nothing to report.

Chase had a quiet night and has had most of her breakfast, just eating around the wormer!

Temperature at 37.3 but as I've had that a couple of times on a morning, I'm not getting too excited!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 60

Nothing really to report.

Chase had a reasonable night. A bit of scratching around in her whelping box but mostly quiet. Temperature back up last night to 38 and down again this morning to 37.6.

Darren's taken all the dogs out for a run and Chase and I have had a lovely slow walk and are now having some girly time. It's so quiet just the two of us!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 59

Chase was very quiet last night before and during bedtime; certainly not her usual cuddly self.

This morning she has only eaten some of her breakfast and didn't put up a fight when the others thought they'd help her out!

Her temperature has dropped this morning to 37.3.

Could be a long weekend!

Day 58

Chase is still going for her normal walks and eating for England!

Her temperature 2 days ago was 37.9, yesterday was 37.8 and today is 37.6 so there is a very slight drop occurring.

The little Cheeflets are having a good old wriggle around now and she's producing milk, which is fab.

I've moved myself downstairs to be near Chase at night and the delivery room is all set to go at the drop of a hat, or should that be puppy ! ;-)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 52 - Another Ultrasound

Being a first time breeder and having seen so many comments about how other breeders have seen and felt the puppies moving in their bitches tummies, I was getting a bit nervous as I hadn't been able to feel or see any movement in Chase.  I spoke to a couple of people who assured me it was normal, but that I should get her checked out just to be on the safe side.  I did manage to feel some movement of one of the pups last night, but I still wanted to make sure everything was as it should be.  So this morning off to the vets Chase and I went for a check-up and another ultrasound.

Thank goodness everything was fine :-)  On the ultrasound we could see the ribcages of the little pups and their was sooo sweet.  There were clearly 6 puppies in there but even the vet wasn't sure if there may be a 7th!  He said they all looked healthy and were all of a good size which he hoped would enable a natural birth. It was very cramped inside her little belly lol

Chase was also given a good check over and was found to be in tip top condition.

So just another 11-12 days to go and hopefully we should have little Cheeflets.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Day 45

I can't believe we're at day 45 already!  Chase is coping with pregnancy really well.  She's had no sickness and is still eating as normal (although she has become greedy and will steal your food if you don't watch out!) and she's still happy to run around after her holey ball.  Obviously I'm being careful of how much (and how little) exercise she gets.  Last weekend her tummy was growing more downwards, but now she's become more round.

I ordered my whelping box from Petnap Limited and it arrived the next day, so that's already up and waiting to go into the soon to be created creche.  I went a bit mad on the Petnap website and ordered a whelping kit too, which is actually brilliant for the money.  After the whelping most of the items will just go into my doggy first aid kit.

This morning I ordered some new pink vet bedding and lilac vet bedding for the new arrivals....yes, I know it's very girly!  I've got my Mistral disinfectant at the ready and will be buying some non-bio washing powder at the's good to be organised!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Puppy List and Computer Wobble!

I can't believe my computer has decided now is a great time to throw a wobble! 

Unfortunately the last puppy list update I did hasn't been saved, so if you have contacted me about a Reef x Chase pup and still wish to remain on my list, please contact me at melville_love @ (remove the gaps) ASAP.  I'm pretty sure I know who is on the list from the e-mails I have but I just want to double check. 

Sorry and thanks for your help.