Monday, 21 February 2011

Chase and Reef's Three Generation Pedigree

2 Weeks 6 Days / 3 Weeks Old

Sorry it's been a while since my last update - these puppies keep you very busy!!

Well Mr Blue is 3 weeks old today (born 11.10pm) and the others will be 3 weeks old time flies!

We have now finished the Biosensor Program which went really well, so we hope we've given these babies a little help coping with the stresses life throws at them.

They are all now eating (messily) from a dish and I will soon move them to a Weanafeeda so I can see who is eating how much, but they do tend to wear more than the eat lol - it's very funny to watch.

Teeth are now through and sharp...poor Chase, and they can obviously now see and hear.

Lots of play fighting is taking place and we're introducing toys to encourage more interactive play.  It's great fun :-)

We've finally got round to taking some more up to date pics (after they'd eaten, so excuse any bits of food still attached to them!), which are below.

Mr Blue

Mr Green

Mr Purple

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Miss Lilac

Miss Orange

Miss Yellow

Miss Lilac and Mr Blue


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 12

The pups are all quite big now, with all the boys in the high 700/low 800g and the girls not too far behind - Miss Yellow is the largest girl and Mr Green the largest boy.

All their eyes are starting to open which is very exciting - I can't wait for them to see their mommy, grandparents and the other dogs.

Talking of the other dogs, we've started to introduce the pups to them. It's quite funny watching their reaction - strangely Jess isn't interested which surprises me as I would have thought she would be quite maternal, Sally and Todd take it in their stride, Rio is a bit cautious but is coming round and Dylan and Copper are very wide eyed - probably thinking it's a snack! Just wait until they're running around, I think that's when it will become clear that they're actually dogs lol

Chase is going to come out for a proper walk (on lead) today with the others, which will be a bit more interesting than 'around the block'.

Worming commences soon, not something I'm looking forward to!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day 9

The first week has been and gone in the blink of an eye!

All pups are gaining weight steadily, with Mr Green already over 700g! Mr Green, Mr Red, Mr Blue and Miss Yellow are all making cute barking and growling noises and all pups are wobbling around the whelping box instead of crawling on their tummies.

Their eyes should start to open any time from Friday (Day 10) onwards which will be very exciting.

The Biosensor Program is going well but they are getting more vocal in their disgust at being put in such strange positions.

We trimmed their nails on Monday; we were going to wait until yesterday but after being left with nice scratch marks on my arm, we decided sooner was better....poor Chase! It went quite well with me holding and Darren trimming, the use of toe nail clippers rather than scissors made it much easier and quicker.

I've now put a furry snake in their box so they have something to climb over and under. I also have two Snuggle Safe heat pads in the whelping box (thanks Laura), so with the extra 'hurdles' it will help prevent 'swimmers'.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 6

The pups and mom are still doing great, Chase can't believe all the great yummy food she's getting - fresh chicken and sardines mixed in with her puppy food and I've found a fab recipe for 'gruel', so she's getting lots of calories and protein.

We are continuing with the Biosensor Program.

Tonight we will trim the pups' nails as they're already very sharp and we don't want mom getting uncomfortable.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Day 3

The pups are doing fab and are nicely gaining in weight. Chase continues to be a fab mom. She's coming out of her whelping box for toilet and rest breaks but always has one ear open for any squeaks. She also came for a 5 minute walk with me this morning.

Today we will begin with the bio-sensor (super dog) program, so it will be interesting to see how they react.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introducing the Dreamchart litter (in the order they came into the world)

Mr 'Blue' weight: 391g

Mr 'Green' weight 425g

Mr 'Purple' weight: 417g

'Mr Red' weight: 346g

'Miss Pink' weight: 360g

'Miss Lilac' weight: 330g

'Miss Orange' weight: 367g

'Miss Yellow' weight: 403g

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Oh My Goodness!!!

I think everyone who knows me is well aware that Chase has now whelped her first litter, with the first being born at 11.10pm on the 31st January, followed by the remaining 7 starting at 2.45am on the 1st February.

Chase did a fab job and got the first 5 whelps out like she'd been perfecting the art for years, but by the 6th whelp she was just totally exhausted, poor girl. I think though that if you saw how big the whelps were, you would agree she was awesome!

The 6th whelp was delivered by our vet at 1.55pm, following an oxytocin injection. We hoped that No. 7 would soon follow, but it was clear by 4.30pm that she simply had no more to give. She was contracting and doing her best to push but it just wasn't to be. Back to the vets and another half dose of oxytocin, but after a good 30-40 minutes trying, even the vet couldn't deliver it. Her calcium level was checked and found to be perfect, so we had no other choice than to go for the c-section.

I was totally emotionally drained by this stage and was so worried for my little angel, she was so weak. Thank goodness for modern technology - she was in and out within the hour, with an extra surprise addition - No. 8!

Whilst she was having her caesar I also took the opportunity to have her spayed. The stitches are all internal so no worries that she or the new Dreamchart's will damage them.

Chase is home now and is being an absolutely fantastic mom. I really cannot believe we ended up with 8 gorgeous babies!!

I will post some pics very soon. Thank you everyone for your amazing support. xx