Monday, 21 February 2011

2 Weeks 6 Days / 3 Weeks Old

Sorry it's been a while since my last update - these puppies keep you very busy!!

Well Mr Blue is 3 weeks old today (born 11.10pm) and the others will be 3 weeks old time flies!

We have now finished the Biosensor Program which went really well, so we hope we've given these babies a little help coping with the stresses life throws at them.

They are all now eating (messily) from a dish and I will soon move them to a Weanafeeda so I can see who is eating how much, but they do tend to wear more than the eat lol - it's very funny to watch.

Teeth are now through and sharp...poor Chase, and they can obviously now see and hear.

Lots of play fighting is taking place and we're introducing toys to encourage more interactive play.  It's great fun :-)

We've finally got round to taking some more up to date pics (after they'd eaten, so excuse any bits of food still attached to them!), which are below.

Mr Blue

Mr Green

Mr Purple

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Miss Lilac

Miss Orange

Miss Yellow

Miss Lilac and Mr Blue


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