Thursday, 3 March 2011

4 Weeks 3 days

Updated pics below, but I don't think they do them justice.

It looks like Mr Red will have two blue eyes as I got red eye from the flash, so I had to use back light correction! He's already quite a stunning young man :-)

Mr Blue

Mr Green

Mr Purple

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Miss Lilac

Miss Orange

Miss Yellow

This weeks is great as they're starting to constructively play with their toys, dragging them around and really starting to play raggy.

We're still persevering with toilet training them but it's so difficult when Chase gets in and starts to clean them up, which she is obsessive about, and they start to toilet all over the place lol But, 99% of the time they don't go in their whelping box and probably 60% of the time they go in the designated toilet area, which is great for such a young age. We hope this will help the new owners house break them easier.

They are certainly a feisty bunch!

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